How Coloring VR works.

What is Coloring VR?

Coloring VR is a game the combines user’s artistic and imagination together. User can create characters by coloring them onto the paper and they will be transformed into living objects and will be able to move freely as well. User can interact with the created creations and is able to engage in 360 degrees virtual reality which gives the realstic feelings.

Coloring VR Overview

– Pictures and patterns will be prepared for user to coloring in, as well as a 16 sq.m. space to accomodate number of users while they are coloring the pictures.

– Once the picture is colored, it will be scanned and brought into a virtual reality world that has already been prepared and will be displayed on the large screen as well. In this project, we use a projector to display created visual on to the large wall of the room.

– User can interact with the living objects created in the virtual reality world freely. This project uses Kinect sensor to accurately capture user’s motions while interact with the creations.

– We also prepared VR Headset to support a more realistic virtual reality. 2 options of VR Headset are chosen for this project, HTC VIVE and Oculus. Other VR Gears are also supported as well. 

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